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Our Staff covers a wide range of disciplines, from cognitive science, to archeology, to history, to music, and philosophy. Each of our members has been chosen for their excellence in their field and their creativity in the field of research and ability to move their particular field forward. The Pacific Center for Advanced Studies includes a variety of institutes dedicated to these fields.

Pacific Center for Advanced Studies
Sandra G. Harris, President


Institute for Mind/Brain Research
Norman A. Harris, Director, and Administrative principal
Institute for Theoretical Physics & Sonology Research
Todd A. Harris, Director
Institute for Information Systems, Theoretic Research
Thomas W. LeBlanc, Director
Institute for Music-Theoretic Research
Tracy L. Harris, Director Click here to visit Tracy Harris' Web Site
Institute for Computational Neurology
Norman A. Harris, Director
PCAS InfoNet
Wendy E. LeBlanc, Managing Director