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We are excited to announce the following new books from the Pacific Center for Advanced Studies that are in pre-publication:

After more than 15 years of extensive theoretical research, Dr. Norman A. Harris, Director of Computational Neurology at PCAS, is in the process of publishing the results of his broad, groundbreaking theoretical study revealing the tie between neural networks and the reality constructed by the mind.
The Circus of the Mind: A Unified Theory of The Mind/Brain And its Creation of Will - Click here to view special excerpts.

Also available to registered visitors: Papers:
Original papers (registration required) aimed at both experts in the various fields and the general public, interested in the results of cutting edge research. Our papers cover a variety of topics including: Hypothalamus, Memorizing Information, Aida, The Brain, Emotion, Transducer Chemicals, Basket Neurons, Creativity, Solution Spaces, Neural Networks, Pyramidal Neurons, The Cortex and the Neurocortex, Thy Effect, The Mind as an Emergent Characteristic, Tyrosine and its Role as a Transducer of Information, The Thalamus as a Weigh Station for Information, Reticular Formation, Thorny Projections on Pyramidal Neurons and Their Role on Feedback, Tyrosine Hydroxylase and the Magnification of External Trauma, Consciousness, The Mind/Brain, Explicit and Implicit Information Structures, Context and its Influence on Information Processing, Will and the Human Mind, Neurons in the Brain, Neural Networks, Synapses, Synaptic Organization, Ertas, Objective versus Subjective Constructs, Biochemical Transduction, Analogical Information, Micro Columns, Conscious/Subconscious Controls, Time and The Mind: The importance of the scale of time, Sub Consciousness, Archidynes and Surrounds, Meta Cognition, Neurons as Information Filters, Cortex, Ontology, Epistemology, Arithmetic Cascades & Computers, Hermunculus, Dynamism vs. Computationalism in the Brain.