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PCAS InfoNet
The goal of PCAS InfoNet is to encourage the exchange of ideas and the newest scientific information between scientific centers and individual scientists around the world. The PCAS InfoNet will have as its second purpose, the maintenance of an information database for use by interested scientists everywhere. This database will become a center for the exchange of information related to the newest advances and the results of in-depth research. PCAS InfoNet is sponsored by the Pacific Center for Advanced Studies (PCAS).

The Pacific Center for Advanced Studies:
Our mission is to do pure research without any requirements for present or future application. Our only requirement of our scientists is to advance the field, and in the doing, expand our understanding of the world we live in and ourselves as human beings. The Pacific Center for Advanced Studies is dedicated to enriching human life through the advancement of knowledge about the world we live in and the universe in which our earth resides. There is no specific performance requirement for any member of any institute other than to have the freedom to think creatively about any particular aspect of their chosen field and develop research papers, which reflect new insights into that field.

About PCAS:
The Pacific Center for Advanced Studies was formed in 1993 for the purpose of advancing our knowledge of the world in an environment free of constraints and demand for publication. The center is composed of five advanced institutes, encompassing major segments of contemporary science.

  • The Institute for Mind/Brain Research
  • The Institute for Computational Neurological Research
  • The Institute for Theoretical Physics Research
  • The Institute for Music-Theoretic Research
  • The Institute for Information-Theoretic Research

The Center is dedicated to helping us promote our understanding of the world while improving our lives through research. This research has resulted in hundreds of original papers and a range of other publications aimed at both experts in the various fields and the general public, interested in the results of cutting edge research

Original papers (registration required) aimed at both experts in the various fields and the general public, interested in the results of cutting edge research. Our papers cover a variety of topics including: Hypothalamus, Memorizing Information, Aida, The Brain, Emotion, Transducer Chemicals, Basket Neurons, Creativity, Solution Spaces, Neural Networks, Pyramidal Neurons, The Cortex and the Neurocortex, Thy Effect, The Mind as an Emergent Characteristic, Tyrosine and its Role as a Transducer of Information, The Thalamus as a Weigh Station for Information, Reticular Formation, Thorny Projections on Pyramidal Neurons and Their Role on Feedback, Tyrosine Hydroxylase and the Magnification of External Trauma, Consciousness, The Mind/Brain, Explicit and Implicit Information Structures, Context and its Influence on Information Processing, Will and the Human Mind, Neurons in the Brain, Neural Networks, Synapses, Synaptic Organization, Ertas, Objective versus Subjective Constructs, Biochemical Transduction, Analogical Information, Micro Columns, Conscious/Subconscious Controls, Time and The Mind: The importance of the scale of time, Sub Consciousness, Archidynes and Surrounds, Meta Cognition, Neurons as Information Filters, Cortex, Ontology, Epistemology, Arithmetic Cascades & Computers, Hermunculus,Dynamism vs. Computationalism in the Brain.

E- Symposia:
Periodically, the various PCAS institutes will hold e-symposia in which we help to expose to the rest of the technical scientific community and humanities, those advances that we feel are significant, and expose them to peer review and critical comments.

Our Staff:
This portion of PCAS InfoNet covers a wide range of disciplines, from cognitive science, to archeology, to history, to music, and philosophy. Each of our members has been chosen for their excellence in their field and their creativity in the field of research and ability to move their particular field forward.

Technical Letters:
If you would like to submit a technical comment concerning any PCAS papers please click here to send your letter via e-mail. Please include your Log In Name and Password with your submission.

Upcoming Events and Calendar:
A brief description of important events of interest to professionals in the various fields.

Special Events:
Special events include e-symposia, seminars, and online conversations between world experts.

Press Releases:
On PCAS InfoNet, we publish press releases from time-to-time to let the technical community know about new discoveries, special papers or e-symposia.

New Publications:
The New Publications portion of PCAS InfoNet features excerpts from various pre-publication books, produced by the PCAS staff and other scientists who wish to submit pre-publication materials to PCAS InfoNet for comment and review.

Sandra Harris, President | Dr. Norman Harris-Director